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About Axiom

“I want people to have a “religious” experience at my shows,” says Idaho born artist Axiom Tha Wyze. What’s immediately noticeable about Axiom’s style and approach to the art is he can rap over almost anything and his growth as an artist reflects that. With natural and genuine love for wordplay, creative writing and the pathos of it all, Axiom channels it directly back into the music providing listeners and showgoers with a unique and soul touching experience. Axiom can provide energetic sounds that will get you out of your seat, but also give us something more introspective causing us to look inward. With an extensive discography under his belt, time spent on stage and on the road, and a plethora of collaborations to call upon, Axiom takes pride in his craft and is just getting started...don’t get left behind.


Growing up in Idaho and being the third amongst four siblings saw our hero spending a lot of time by himself. “I slept with a stereo in my bed and made my own mixtapes from radio jams that I liked and played them on my Walkman,” Axiom recalls. This allowed Axiom to dive headfirst into the vast universe of music as he had a genuine curiosity for seeking out new artists and sounds. Axiom would be exposed to even more music as he linked with friends that would trade their ipods before heading out on trips. On the writing side, Axiom always had an affinity for creative writing and crafted poems in class. It wasn’t til college though that Axiom started really recording his music, “From there I have been understand more about music creation and working with musicians to continue to develop my skills as an artist.” Axiom says.


Regardless of which project or track of Axiom’s you throw on, you know that you’re getting someone who is going to be honest about everything he’s dealing with. This includes his flaws, shortcomings and facets of life we see other artists hide. Because of Axiom’s diverse listening experiences, he brings that same diversity and willingness to experiment to his own art as well. “I think by trying different styles and playing with a rock band, or blues band I get an opportunity to expand my skill set and reach new fans,” Axiom says. Axiom’s reach can felt throughout his entire discography, there are tracks from his debut LP “Production Dezign” like “Hell Diver” where the production will smack you right into the dirt. Then the Idaho emcee’s voice thumps and plays like an instrument itself as he changes inflections and strategically emphasizes other words. We can even fast forward to his latest album the “Untitled EP” the trap infused production mixed with Axiom’s powerful and passionate delivery demands your attention and ears.


Axiom has made it a point to be more active in his community and with social issues. As someone who always spoke out in his music, being active in the conversation in a positive way was important to the Idaho artist simply given the state of the country lately. As more music is released the Press is catching on to Axiom’s efforts too with him garnering coverage from Riff Magazine, OuchThatHertz and more. Tha Wyze’s home is on stage though, Axiom is a passionate and energetic performer who’s been all over the country both east and west showcasing his talent. North and South Carolina, Colorado, California, Washington the list goes on and on. Axiom Tha Wyze with his multifaceted talent and unwavering passion, is poised to make a lasting impact on the music industry. Keep an eye out for his captivating performances and soul-stirring creations as he continues to carve his own musical path.

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